NEWS – Papworth Hospital Research recommends SleepPro Custom for cases of mild to moderate sleep apnea

Totally independent research has been carried out by leading medical researchers at Papworth Hospital in the UK who are world-famous for their work in heart research and sleep disorders. Fuller details are available.


NEWS -SleepPro launch new Sleep Tight mouthpiece for those requiring a firmer fit.

If you’re looking for something that is highly effective, easy to adjust, and offers a tighter but still comfortable fit, then the NEW SleepPro Sleep Tight is ideal. It is based on the successful Easifit and it has the same 30 day money back guarantee. It offers improved air intake due to a larger breathing hole and has extra space for the tongue if needed.

NEWS -NEW anti-microbial versions are now available for all SleepPro oral appliances

The SleepPro Custom version is the first available and can be ordered as of 1st April 2015. Look for Custom AM.

Versions of the other mouthpieces are available as of 1st May 2015. See details.

NEWS -Nasal Dilators are added to help those needing better sleep

Nasal Dilators are newly available from 31st March 2015 These simple low-cost aids work by gently holding open the nasal passages and thereby allowing an uninterrupted flow of air which will aid better sleep.