Good nights sleep with SleepPro

MEDiTAS is a British company that is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of affordable mandibular advancement splints for snoring.

MEDiTAS – products for the treatment of snoring. Our sleepPro mandibular advancers are extremely effective at stopping snoring.

Although we manufacture sleepPro devices in Britain we have distribution centres across Europe., Australia and USA, normally having in excess of 1,000 mouthpieces in stock. This means we can despatch orders very quickly, without hefty international delivery charges.

Thousands of SleepPro products are specified every year by professionals in Medical Centres. General Practices, Dental Clinics, Pharmacies. Hospitals. and many specialist areas that deal with Snoring and other Sleep Disorders.

Meditas, through the SleepPro product system, have been working successfully with these sectors since 1998 to help to prevent snoring. bruxism and cases of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea – a serious and growing problem.

SleepPro devices are made in Britain to strictly controlled standards, but are recommended throughout the world, and are distributed through our specialist operations across Europe. North America, Australia and Asia.

In Britain SleepPro products are recommended by many of the NHS and private hospitals who have specific treatment programmes in sleep medicine and snoring – including in Harley Street and at two of the country‘s most important centres of excellence in sleep medicine. Many of these now buy from us direct on behalf of their patients.

Using our expertise in oral surgery and dental techniques, our aim is always to help you to assist snorers and their partners to find an effective. affordable and comfortable way to stop snoring by offering oral appliances of the very highest standards – products that have been proven to lead the way in efficacy. comfort and affordability.

Money-back guarantee*

The SleepPro snoring aid completely stops snoring for almost everyone and has a recorded success rate of 98%.

However, if it does not work for an individual. we offer a money back guarantee service. If you simply return any of our SleepPro Easifit, Woman or Sleep Tight mouthpieces within 30 days of purchase. we will give a complete refund.