Standard Soft Night Guard by sleepPro

  • Standard Soft Night Guard by sleepPro
  • Standard Soft Night Guard by sleepPro
  • Standard Soft Night Guard by sleepPro
  • Standard Soft Night Guard by sleepPro
  • Standard Soft Night Guard by sleepPro


Standard Soft Night Guard by sleepPro

Standard 3mm
  • 3mm Soft EVA material
  • Custom made fit
  • Protects teeth from mild night clenching/grinding
  • Free storage case
  • 7 Day turnaround
  • Simple self impression system, no dental visit required
  • Can be made for upper or lower teeth
  • If you have your own dental model we can use that instead of taking your impression. Just contact us for details of the best way to get your dental model to us safely.

Ideal if you suffer from moderate to acute night clenching or grinding. 

Grinding and clenching of the teeth  is a  growing problem, it can result in nights of poor quality sleep,  morning headaches, sore teeth and jaw muscles, plus tiredness.If you have not worn a night guard before this is probably the best one to start with, thin and easy to get used to the fit and feel.

Technical specs

The cause of Bruxism can be difficult to pinpoint but medical and dental opinion is that it can be  reduced, or even overcome by wearing a custom-made soft night guard to protect the teeth from damage

Your night guard will be made from a single sheet of 3mm material and when adapted to your model will vary in thickness due to the contour of teeth, the average finished thickness will be 2.6mm. Made from 3mm soft thermoplastic (EVA) this material is well proven for dental devices and CE compliant.

How to order

Place your order online for your custom made soft night guard to help reduce the damage caused by bruxing.

In a few days you will receive a package with all the necessary materials.
Follow the instructions contained in the package.
Send your self impression in the provided postal carton directly to the dental laboratory
The dental technician will assess the impression and if all is well proceed with the fabrication of your custom soft night guard,  after 5-7 days you get your perfect fitting night guard.

Impression kit

Impression kit consisting of:
• 1 thermoformable tray you adapt before starting.
• Dental Putty A & B
• Easy step by step Instruction Manual

Night Guard Impression kit by SleepPro

Special offers

 Would you like a spare? We find our buy one get one half price very popular as we have many reports of night guards sprouting legs and walking off into the moonlight never to be seen again! And dogs just love chewing them if given the chance! Just use code NIGHT2 in the cart to add an extra copy of your night for half price